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"I am new to Tai Chi and joined Amanda’s Hepscott class last July. It’s great fun, informative and a great way to spend an hour relaxing, would highly recommend it" Louise - March 2018

"I heard about Tai Chi whilst on a Pain Management Programme. I have found it compliments techniques I Learned on a Mindfulness Course to aid breathing and relaxation. Both strategies help me to manage and cope with long term pain. I have also found my balance, coordination and concentration have improved though just one lesson per week. I had to retire early due to ill health which was difficult.Having the Tai Chi lesson to go to helped me to gain confidence meeting new people after being quite isolated on prolonged sick leave. It is a non-threatening environment and I can learn at my own pace and can enjoy it without worrying about getting it right." Maureen - May 2018

Please see Liz's document below for her thoughts on Tai Chi vs Yoga